So, what does Greendoor do? 
Greendoor Illustration and Design is a graphic design company that provides illustration and artwork for both print and web based media. This includes and is not limited to:
  • logo’s and branding,
  • business cards,
  • posters and banners,
  • flyers,
  • document and brochure design and layout,
  • CD inlay and face design,
  • book covers,
  • cards and postcards,
  • other print media upon request, and art direction and illustration for use online.
Greendoor can also produce cartoon artwork for short film animation purposes
Who's behind the Greendoor?
Owner/ director Dan Saunders is the guy creating the illustration and design.
(Daniel if you want to get formal, or Danny if you're feelin chummy) 
'Greendoor' is a newly minted business, having opened it’s (green) doors officially early 2015. Greendoor is an emerging design company underpinned by Dan’s previous 20+ years of creative industry experience, where he has worked as a freelance artist, illustrator and designer. Prior to this, Mr Saunders has been doing his creative kind of thing from a tender young age, especially if you count his very early 'crayon on wall- a frustrated reclusive soul ' exhibition, and 'explorations with food- the misunderstood medium' years.
Director Dan Saunders - pictured here with his very own lookout! and a decent cup of coffee.
Background, Ethos (and really good coffee)
Like most emerging enterprises, Greendoor understands that the term ‘overnight success’ is akin to a lovely, mythical
creature, wandering about in the woods. Often rare and not true. In reality, Greendoor has come about through many
years of knuckling down, biting the bullet, wiping the sweaty brow and pulling up the (green stripey) socks. Greendoor
largely attributes its’ present and potential future business successes, to its foundational years of producing high
quality illustration, artwork and design, with a solid client base to show for it. Much of the initial groundwork was done
for little or no profit, which has been an invaluable experience for the burgeoning business - choc full of defining moments, learning curves, enthusiastic nods, and overall positive (and humbling) feedback. All of which has ultimately led to the creation of this company.
Greendoor conducts its business with the strong belief that PEOPLE MATTER!  We are proud of our work relationships, which we know to be vital for a win-win outcome for all involved. We value INTEGRITY in both life and business operations. We refuse to sell out for short term gains, and we think good design is smart design that works towards positive project longevity.
Where the good cuppa comes in…
Where we can, we like to meet with clients face to face, over a cup of coffee (preferably fair trade and organic). We ask questions about your business branding needs, and get a handle on what you and your company do and where you want to be. In this way, yes we may sound a little old fashioned in such a digital age, but Greendoor prides itself on spending time to really get to know our clients, their products and services and we  maintain clear communication throughout all of our working relationships. We think this is the most important aspect of marketing and a huge part of what we do. Plus this fits in snugly with our professional code of conduct and our general preferred way of doing biz.
Greendoor see’s digital illustration, design, and the use of design suite soft-wear, as just another medium with which to create something outstanding. Knowing how to use design soft-wear doesn’t make the user a good graphic designer, any more than swimming in the ocean makes you a fish. Greendoors’ background is anchored by hours of experience making freehand art, long before digital design tools as mentioned above existed.  We believe that that grounding in practical application visual arts has been the greatest influencing factor in how we like to implement our work. It is in tune with what our process looks like, how we stay excited and motivated, and most importantly how we engage with our clientele within a larger digital capacity 
Greendoor aims to be recognised as a business that...
  • Is generous with its time, creativity and resources in serving Individuals (particularly with organisations that exist to aid and support  those in most need )            
  • Is locally and globally minded.
  • Is creative and innovative in its approach to design
  • Is a successful hybrid of freehand and digitally created art and design
  • Works with and listens to the needs of the client,
  • Is professional in it’s ongoing communication and dealings with the client.
  • Produces high quality work!
  • Is known for it’s honesty and Integrity in business
  • Maintains a sense of humour and makes excellent use of bullet point lists.
  • Doesn't put useless points in said lists, that have no real purpose for being there